Slimming Stories Around The World

Episode 12, Fiona Rowley has a new relationship with food free of guilt and shame conquering obesity and running Marathons.

February 23, 2020

Fiona was sick and tired of feeling tired, most evenings after work would result in a nap on arrival home and being tired and lethargic was very much the norm for Fiona. Now imagine a runner, not just any runner. Imagine someone effortlessly running Marathons in a strong fit body reaching for her trainers before heading for the couch, this is now Fiona’s routine. Fiona now faces 2020 not only in a strong body but now equipped with a strong mind has been able to make peace with her relationship with food. There was no wonder drug or high-intensity workout plan with a restrictive diet, luckily Fiona found her sanctuary with Slimming World and achieved a successful weight loss of 5 stone. 

Fiona describes how her life has been transformed with a healthy diet and exercise after years of being overweight and conquering obesity.