Slimming Stories Around The World

Episode 11, Victoria Somers. Weight loss with Weight Watchers how to achieve a happy home & work balance while losing weight.

February 9, 2020

Feeling body confident after weight loss is a fantastic feeling, falling pregnant knowing the weight needs to come off again takes determination……..something that Victoria has stacks of! Victoria is a busy working mum of two and explains how she finds time to balance self-care, work, motherhood, and planning meals for the week that she enjoys with her husband and young family! If you can relate to Victoria’s busy life and in need of inspiration to stick to plan this week’s episode will show you that gaining control of your weight is possible no matter what challenges lay ahead. While people in the U.K focused on their health and fitness goals in January Victoria’s home was surrounded by smog living within 2 hours of the fire in Australia and tending to the patients affected by the fire as a nurse in her day job. Victoria has resilience and determination that has helped her to lose 2 stone 11lb after the birth of second child and does not show any signs of stopping or allowing anything to stand in her way.

You can follow Victoria’s weight loss journey on Instagram, her food looks amazing! victoria.on.ww Victoria has also featured in a Weight Watchers book, a true pocket-rocket on inspiration!