Slimming Stories Around The World

Episode 10, Tom Fox’s mental health and weight loss battles showing resilience can be found during the darkest of times.

January 26, 2020

Today’s episode with Tom Fox shows an ability to rise up even in the darkest times. Having tasted success with a weight loss of 8 stone 5lb Tom knew he wanted to get back on track with his eating habits but under the strain of experiencing mental health issues the ability to do this was extremely difficult indeed. In 2019 Tom had been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, and Body Dysmorphia Disorder. Difficulties within the workplace and a relationship breakdown had left Tom feeling out of control. So, how did Tom get back up? That is the question! When mental health bangs on your door how can we even begin to think about self-care and weight loss? This episode details the journey Tom was able to take back into healthy eating and back into the driving seat. Currently, Tom has lost over 4 stone and you can follow his weight loss and fitness antics on Instagram. Such a breath of fresh air! @fightfatwithtom.